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Wi-Fi Pentesting Gadget

Make your own Wi-Fi scanner

In today's interconnected world, Wi-Fi plays a crucial role in our daily lives. In this post, we will explore how to create a Wi-Fi scanner using a D1 Mini board and an OLED display.

Wi-Fi Pentesting Gadget

Unveiling the World of Wardriving with ESP8266 and GPS

Wardriving, a tech adventure with ESP8266 and GPS, unlocks a hidden world of Wi-Fi landscapes. Armed with an ESP8266, I explored the city, mapping Wi-Fi networks and capturing their vital stats. The NEO-6M GPS module added precision, turning each drive into a journey of digital discovery.

Wi-Fi Pentesting Gadget

Wi-Fi Packet Monitor

In this blog post, we will explore how to create a WiFi monitor using the ESP8266 microcontroller. The project involves detecting and analyzing WiFi packets, and specifically focuses on identifying deauthentication attacks...

RF Pentesting Gadget

Key Fob Jammer with ESP8266

Its an Key Fob Jammer to jam the Car Keys and an Wireless remote keys like Garage Keys...

Rubber Ducky Library

Library for Bluetooth HID attck with sdcard

The BleKeyboard With Sdcard Library is a Bluetooth-based HID attack library inspired by Rubber Ducky. It allows you to execute Ducky scripts directly from an SD card using a Bluetooth keyboard...

Rubber Ducky Gadget

Lazy-Pad it's an macro keyboard with joystick mouse

"Lazy Pad, Transforms an Raspberry pi pico, and buttons into a versatile input device. With joystick controls, it acts as a precise mouse, while buttons handle volume, brightness, media playback, and navigation. The ultimate fusion of hardware creativity, this project brings efficiency to your fingertips."